Choosing which test and tag course is appropriate for you

30 November 2015
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Testing and tagging electrical appliances is something that needs to be done in order to keep your work environment safe from danger. The procedure basically consists of making sure that all appliances are working like they should and that there are no malfunctions or broken parts that might corrupt the safety of using the electrical device or outlet. The most common way to have this done is to hire an experienced electrician, as it has to be performed by a capable person. However, if you wish to perform this yourself, or at least have a person in the company that is licensed to do it, you need to take a course. There are two different types of courses you can take to prove your capability of performing test and tag. There are a few things you should know about these different courses before deciding on which one you should take.

The short course

If you work in a company that doesn't use very complex electrical equipment, or if you just want to obtain the certificate to use in the future if you would ever need it, the shorter course might be the best option for you. It's cheaper than the long course, and it will qualify you to perform test and tag in all states. This type of test and tag training can be done in groups—in the case that more than one person in your company wants to perform the training. Doing it in groups might be cheaper for every participant individually, and it can benefit your company as you will never have to get an electrician to perform the testing and tagging, even if the first person who has the certificate is not available.

The nationally accredited course

However, if you are working under certain circumstances, the nationally accredited course might be a better option. The most prominent reason to take on this course instead of the short one depends on what type of company you work for. If your company has a lot of complicated or highly risky electrical equipment, like if you are working in a power plant of any kind, the nationally accredited course will give you more information and a higher level of certificate. Another reason for taking this course rather than the short course is if you are assigned to test and tag equipment that many people use every day. This especially applies if you need to test and tag equipment that the general public is going to have access to. The short course might prepare you enough for this, but if something were to go wrong because of misuse by a person not educated in electrical appliances, the higher level of certificate will give more weight to you as a tester.